Whether you are an avid gardener or would prefer to look at your landscape from the security of your living room, chances are that you want to hire someone to do some or all of your Calgary landscaping chores. Here are some questions to ask when you are thinking about hiring a Calgary landscape contractor:

  1. What level of service do you require? Maybe you want to plant your own flowers or mow your own grass. Maybe you hate to weed and want someone who will come on a regular basis to keep your garden looking its best. Do you travel during the year and need someone to look after your landscape while you are gone? Will the company work with you to provide the level of service you want?
  2. Is the company licensed and insured? All landscape contractors should have a MHIC#. How long have they been in business? Look for a with an established reputation. They have a vested interest in keeping their customers happy.
  3. Will they supply references? Look at some of the yards the landscaping company Calgary services, does their level of service meet your standards? Remember these people will be coming to your home, often when you are not there. Checking the company’s reputation protects you and your investment in your home and landscape.
  4. Is the Landscaping Company Calgary professional? Do their employees wear uniforms? Is there someone to answer the phone when you call during business hours? If not, do they return calls promptly? Are you offered a written estimate or contract that details all the work to be done on your property?
  5. Are the landscaping services provided by the company performed professionally and in a timely fashion? Is the equipment well maintained and operated in a safe manner? Will they advise you on proper horticultural practices?
  6. Do they offer year-round services and keep their employees working during the off-season? Do they have long-term employees and do they invest in training for their employees? You’ll get better service from a company that keeps good employees.

When you compare the services that different Calgary landscape companies offer, remember price is only one factor in making your decision. Make sure the landscape company you pick is a good fit with you and that you understand and agree to the standards of service before you sign a contract with a Landscaping company Calgary.

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Tips When Choosing a Calgary Landscaper

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