How To Get Complete Peace Of Mind With Moving Help While Shifting To A New House?

Olivia Thompson had to shift the house, and was unable to pack all the items for shifting as she had young kids and pets at home. She was planning to hire expert professionals for seeking moving help. She started searching for moving companies near me and interviewed a few candidates. After comparing quotes from a few service providers, she hired a reputable company in the town. She signed a contract with the agency, and she was able to shift all the items and furniture without any hassle. 

Moving a house can be a tedious task. There are ways in which you can make the job easier by availing professional moving help from experienced agencies. Here are some tips and tricks you can use to make moving easier for you and your family members. 

Take inventory before packing 

Homeowners should prepare a list of all the items that need to be moved. Before you start looking for the best agency for helping you move, you should take inventory and talk to experts. This will help them determine the size of the truck required for moving. 

If you have large appliances such as microwave ovens, washing machines, or dishwashers, you should make sure that you follow the manufacturers instructions while packing them. 

Find cheap moving services

Once you know the belongings you would be moving, you should start looking for moving help online. There are several packers and movers to help you get affordable solutions. Get quotes from a few agencies and make sure that you hire the best professionals for moving companies near me. Usually, weekends and holidays are more expensive than weekdays. If you want to save money with moving companies near me, you should plan to shift the goods on weekdays. 

Plan everything before the moving date 

You cannot leave everything for last minute when you need to move a house. You should plan everything in advance. Talk to expert professionals and make arrangements weeks before you need to move. 

Packaging solutions 

Some moving companies provide packaging solutions to the homeowners. You can ask the professionals whether they can help you pack all your belongings before moving. Most of the movers help you with packing and unpacking solutions. You may have to pay extra costs for the same, but you will be able to get complete peace of mind with such services. 

Special requests

In some cases, you may need pet transport, storage, vehicle relocation, home cleaning, and insurance services. It is advisable to talk to the experts and ask whether they can fulfill special requests you may have. Get to know the price of such services. 

Consider local, interstate, or international moving agency to help you with moving a house or office. It is important that you get the best value for the money you spend. Collect quotes from a few reputed companies, and make the right decision for moving help. Hire a company that offers insurance to ensure that any kind of unavoidable losses or damages can be managed easily. 

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5 Outdoor Water Feature Ideas You’ll Want in Your Home

Water is as natural as it gets. There is something about the sound and look of a beautiful water feature that captivates many Calgary home-owners.

Installing an outdoor water feature for your Calgary residential landscaping can be as simple as a ‘rock bubbling water fountain,’ or as intricate as a grand waterfall spilling into a rushing stream. Don’t forget the live fish!

Yep, it’s all possible in a backyard water feature.

There are many options to choose from, and each has their weight in gold.

Maintenance and budget are usually the top concerns when it comes to considering an outdoor water feature.

These may be mitigated depending on what kind of outdoor water feature ideas your landscape designer proposes. Nonetheless, it’s imperative that your detailed landscape design can implement it well with the overall concept of your backyard.

I encourage outdoor water feature ideas, especially in bigger backyards. However, I always make sure that the type and style of ideas I propose make sense. This is not only so I can comply with what client desires, but also so it fits in with the overall scale and elements of the property.

Outdoor Waterfalls

A waterfall is a fantastic focal point that can bring a sense of tranquillity to your yard. The sound enhances the yard’s overall serenity and can add value to the backyard escape.

By altering the layout of the stones, you can set up multiple levels of falls giving it a cascading effect. Thus, you enhance the visual aspect of the feature in your landscape.


Ponds add value to your property and tend to give you an escape from the everyday rat-race. They do require regular maintenance to thrive, but don’t worry! The service is often be provided by the Calgary landscaping company for a recurring fee.

They can be a real undertaking, but when done correctly, ponds can create a great visual masterpiece in your backyard.


There’s an option for those still aiming for a waterfall but not interested in having to deal with regular maintenance of a full-sized pond. Many of our Calgary residents tend to choose a pondless water feature.

Essentially, in a pondless outdoor water feature, you have a reservoir in which the water spills. It’s then redirected (or pumped) to cycle back up to the top so it can fall again and recycle water.

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Rock Bubblers or Fountains

A rock bubbling fountain is something I often recommend to clients who aren’t big on water features because I know it would enhance the look and feel of their yard. These are also great for small backyards or small gardens.

Sometimes, during the landscape design process, I like to put statement features in certain areas. One great feature is water – but when I get pushback from my clients, it’s mainly because of maintenance and budget. Then, I lean towards the rock bubbling water fountain.

It’s a simple concept. I am taking a natural rock, drilling a hole, feeding a pump through it and having a small catch basin underneath (similar to a pondless reservoir).

With a push of a button, my clients can increase/decrease the flow, or turn it on and off as they please.

Rock bubblers or natural water fountains are cost-effective, require almost no maintenance and enhance small backyards and gardens immensely.

Outdoor water feature installation

Outdoor water features can be labour-intensive and require precise landscape planning and detailed execution by your Calgary landscaping company. You must ensure you have installed something that will work for years to come – especially given the Calgary weather.

Excavation needs to happen accurately to make sure that a reputable pond builder in Calgary correctly installs the pond liner and pump.

At Tazscapes, we design and install outdoor water features of all sizes and make sure our clients’ needs are fulfilled. Our detailed landscape design proposal and excellent-quality construction are unparalleled in Calgary.

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All about Concrete Steps

Concrete steps can be a massive help to almost any building project, commercial or residential. This is because the steps have the ability to save both time in installation and money.

Obviously they are not right for every project… it is important that they are considered as an option based on their strengths and weaknesses. Which is why we want to cover the strengths and weaknesses of concrete steps here.

Building Concrete Steps

Concrete steps are a great option if you are looking to add beauty and durability to your current project. Concrete steps can seamlessly fit into the landscape and are actually a quite simple project that can be done by all the do-it-yourself types.

Concrete steps are built using a concrete mix and wooden blocks. The concrete mix can be conveniently purchased in ready condition from any concrete companies. It can also be prepared on site. Concrete steps can be made using a few other simple tools such as concrete forms.

Pros of Concrete Steps

  • Save time. Because they are  concrete steps as opposed to having to make them on site you can literally ship them in (once bought) and install them… no mixing, no frames, no fuss really! And since we know time is money, especially in construction, this can save a lot of money as well.
  • Money. It is not just money saved through time that can mean savings on the budget (though obviously it is a big help). In addition there are considerable savings to be made on equipment such as the frames needed to create the steps, the cutting equipment etc.
  • Ease. By using concrete steps you provide quick and immediate access to the floors that you are fitting them to. So you can get started on those floors right away, without having to wait for the steps to be finished.
  • Space. There is no need to find the space for all the extra equipment that comes with the need to create the steps. With concrete stairs you are able to simply install them as soon as they arrive – no messing around trying to find room for everything (and we know how limited space can be on construction sites).

Limitations of Concrete Steps

Now our concrete steps do have their limitations. The main one being that because they are to set dimensions it may be they do not fit what you want – size wise, angle of incline etc. But there are a wide number of options available so you could well find what you need – and if you can find what you want you should be able to find many benefits to using them.

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Simple Small Backyard Landscaping Ideas

It’s hard to come across great backyard landscaping ideas for a small-sized yard. It’s always nice when I can walk into a backyard, and there is ample amount of space for a landscaping proposal, but that’s not always the case.

I have come across many clients who have a small backyard but feel very limited in their options. Often times, they have no landscaping ideas for their small space and feel that their dreams of outdoor living is non-existent.

On the contrary. Where there’s a will, there’s a way!

It’s challenging – I’m not going to lie – but as a landscape design expert with academic training and years of experience, I feel confident enough to go over tips with you should keep in mind when you’re trying to design easy landscaping ideas for your small Calgary yard.

Idea #1: Choose your destination and make it cozy!

In Calgary landscape design, one concept I’ve always stressed is the importance of choosing your destination points. These points are often categorized as either cooking, dining, lounging, or play.

In a small backyard space, it may be difficult to fit all of them in so you may have to choose just one.

Ask yourself: above all else, what do you like to do outdoors? It could be as simple prioritizing an open green space because you value giving your kids the ability to run around. Perhaps you just need a small space for the occasional weekend fire pit party. Whatever the case, you need to choose a limited number of destination points and get ready to make it your cozy nook.

By bringing a private intimate feel to your small backyard landscaping design, you create an escape for yourself from the daily rat-race. This makes that destination point so much more meaningful. You’ve now connected an emotion to your little alcove.

Tip #2: Think vertically when it comes to small backyard landscaping.

Many people often look at project Calgary landscaping in a horizontal plane or axis. Think about it. If you had ample space in your backyard, you would say something like: “Patio here, garden beds on the left, grass on the right,” and so on and so forth.

You are thinking about pers Calgary design in a horizontal manner – there is nothing wrong with that, I do the same. But when you’re dealing with smaller spaces, the horizontality of the space can be somewhat limited. Therefore, we have to start thinking outside the box and look at the space on a vertical axis.


Columnar trees are best. Swedish Columnar Aspens, and if you’re wanting a year-round coniferous option, Columnar Blue Spruce is a great choice. In terms of shrubs, I always recommend Karl Foerster Grass because they are very hardy, look wonderful year round, and are columnar.


Landscaping structures like pergola, privacy screens and arbour scan do wonders for your yard. The main thing they do is draw your eyes up, and anytime your eye links the landscape with the sky, it’s a wonderful feeling. Trust me, look at the sky next time you’re looking at a beautifully done landscape, it invokes an internal emotion.

Tip #3: Choose a focal point: Hardscape or Softscape

You have to make a decision. Do you want more landscaping or more softscaping in your backyard?

Sure, technically you can do both, but (depending on size) ultimately one will dominate the space. Your destination point will dictate that answer.

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For example, if you want a lounging area, chances are that you are going to have a deck or a patio dominate the space. As the rule of thumb goes: 12’ x 12’ for comfortable seating whether it’s cooking, dining or lounging around a fire pit.

Conversely, if your destination point is to play, you have to decide if you want your kids being able to play sports (which sport?), or if you’re investing in a play structure. This will dictate the overall soft landscaping required in your small backyard.

Make a choice, stick by it. That destination point – hardscape or softscape – is the focal point in your small backyard landscaping design.

Tip #4: Form follows function

All design fields, both interior and exterior, have always adhered to a famous concept propounded by American architect Louis Sullivan. He said that projects should first intend the function of the space, then let the form follow from it.

You need to know what you’re designing before you begin to put forms to it, whether they’re rectilinear or curvilinear. Spacing and scale becomes paramount, and even more so when trying to propose a landscape design for small spaces because the room for error is so little.

This ties into our first tip: your destination point. Understand what you need the space for, then allow that to determine what size you’ll need it to be.

Once you establish the type (dining?) and size (12’ x 12’?) of that destination, you can begin to form it according to your taste in conjunction with the overall space you have to work with. Some like the rectilinear shape while others prefer the curvilinear shape.

I personally look at the lay of the land, the existing form of the house and allow those elements to form my form (no pun intended!).

Tip #5: Color and texture

So, you know you want a patio space as a dominant destination point in your small backyard. You also know you need ample space to entertain your friends on a Saturday night around the fire pit.

You’ve measured things out and realize you have the space for it, and have created a beautiful form that compliments the house for your space.

All done right? Wrong.

There is one last step: selecting the right product and color that will yield particular textures to your landscape. This, in turn, can make or break the landscape design of your small backyard.

Often times, landscapers Calgary tend to go with a small handful of paving stones to sell to the client. This is for a couple reasons: one, the cost is cheap. Two, it’s easy to install.

You need to fully explore different options (and grab samples if you have to) so you can try to match the house.

As a landscape design expert in Calgary, I always encourage my clients to understand the patterns and textures that will be created with the selected products. I want them to understand the color options they clients have, and then show them how my landscape design proposal will accentuate their small backyard.

Proposing viable landscape design ideas for small backyards or small spaces isn’t difficult. It just requires a little more ‘out of the box’ thinking and finding landscaping companies in Calgary that can do this.

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